how to block a number on samsung galaxy s ii

How can i block numbers on my samsung galaxy s2? I need help to block a number that keeps texting me

We all have certain phone numbers we don’t want to take calls from. The Samsung Galaxy S gives you the ability to block certain callers.

1. From the Home screen press Menu.


2. Tap Settings.


3. Tap Call settings.


4. Select All calls.


5.  Select Auto reject.


6. Select Enable auto reject.


7. Select Auto reject list.


8. Tap Create.


9. Enter the phone number you wish to block.


10. Tap Save.


Click on the number, thn click the left hand button, 3 options should pop up (add to reject list, delete, edit number before call) obviously click " add to reject list"....

Can I do this on my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 ? ... to edit the number and scroll to the bottom, you will see an option to "block this number".

an anyone help me as to how to block nasty phone numbers and sms? 

you can press and hold on the number for 2 to 3 seconds

Samsung Galaxy S II ICS ... Call voicemail; View voicemail number; Visual Voicemail – access; Visual Voicemail – add ... If desired, tap to select the Unknown (Desconocido) check box to block unknown callers.

I am trying to block a number ( texts and calls) i have tried apps and settings didn't work, i wonder can rogers block the number for me like if there is any add ons?

Find out how you could block a number from a spam caller or from some one who's trying to harass you. 

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