how to turn off 3g on samsung galaxy s2

since my husband updated my Galaxy S2's firmwire, I've noticed that mybattery is lasting a lot less than it did before it was updated.

Do you have some ways to turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy S2? I just got a phone, but can‚Äôt turn off 3G on my Samsung Galaxy S2. 

We've been asked frequently how to turn off 3G network connection and use only Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S. 

How to disable 3G (or mobile data) to control your data usage.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 running on Gingerbread 2.3.3.


The 3G internet connection is always active. When i switch on WiFi, it automatically replaces the 3G connection. However, when i switch WiFi off, automatically the 3G connection comes on again.


Switching WiFi on and off was never a problem, made even easier now since i installed a WiFi on/off widget. However, i have no idea how to switch 3G off (and on), its always just on when WiFi is off, and i'm sure it plays its part in draining my battery.

In the Android Marketplace there are probably some widgets you can get for free to turn off the data connection on the phone - it isn't too obvious out of the box.

Android phones are designed to be permanently connected to the internet, so this is not a fault . But you're right it does cause more battery useage, tho it's not much compared to how much the screen uses.


Theres a few ways to access the data option. If you press and hold the power button as tho you wantedto shut down the phone, you may also have the option to turn data off/on.


Or you can go into settings, mobile networks and there will be a tick box for dara (i have moved onto the next version of android which has a different settings menu, so im working off memory).


Or you can d/l a power widget app such as power control plus where you can choose which options you have quick access to including the data options.

Android Homescreen


You can drag down the bar at the top of the screen to view the notification area. Here you can disable GPS, Bluetooth and Wireless to save power... but not the 3G data connection.

I was getting a bit worried that they had left this feature out on purpose in some plot to make me use up my data allowance. They just hid it away a bit.

Press and hold the power/lock button on the right side of the phone to bring up the "Phone Options" window. You can disable data connections here.

There you go, nice and simple. Some more HOWTOs on the Galaxy S2 coming up.

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