samsung galaxy s2 clear web history

How to delete Search History on Samsung Galaxy S2

It is very easy to clear your history on the Samsung Galaxy. Open the browser ...

then history. Click on menu and then clear history to remove all of the browsing

history. ... How do You Disable the Slider Lockscreen on a Samsung Galaxy S2?

How do I delete browsing history on the Samsung Galaxy S2? - On my Samsung

Galaxy S2 (default browser) how do I delete the history?

I am unable to delete history on the browser- I do all the basic things such ... No

matter how many times I do the steps detailed earlier

The internet browser on the Samsung Galaxy S2 isn't too different from the stock

... It will probably reset to all history if you restart the phone.

How to delete search history on samsung galaxy s2 google search bar? How to delete google search on samsung s2. I cant delete Google search in my phone ( samsung s2 ) help me please


There is a manuaul way.. when the search history appears on your phone just select it and delete it by pressing the C button. it might work but i am not 100% sure that it will work. else try to clear all privacy data.

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