Samsung Galaxy S2 wifi problems - not connecting

my wifi won't connect, when i turn it on it tries to connect to a wifi but then it turns

itself off, so doesn't connect at all, I've tried apps to try.Samsung Galaxy S2 Internet not working? Everything in my house that is connected to my internet is working perfectly fine. there people Small problem with my phone connecting to my wifi. I have't used my wifi on my phone for a while and today i decided to connecte it

All of a sudden my Samsung stopped connecting to my home WiFi. There was no issue for three months and now this connection problem.Since upgrading my Samsung Galaxy to ICS the wifi does not connect to my home wifi. ... Samsung Galaxy s2 - Wifi not working after ICS update.I am unable connect wifi on S2 phone, it shows obtaining IP address ... I brought samsung galaxy s2 recently, I tried to connect through wifi ... If I remove cable and put wifi on , my s2 is connected mode

WiFi won't connect on Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod 9 (ICS ... also show the network I've just tried to connect to as “Not in range”.

I've just bought my first Samsung Galaxy S2 and love it to bits. The only problem I've encountered in the three days I've had it is that it won't connect via wifi to my home computer (a Mac).

Found two other 'solutions' if that isn't working:

1. Download and install WiFi Fixer app to your S2


2. Change the radio mode on your 'airport'

Switch to a radio mode that does not support 802.11n.

Open Airport Utility, select your Airport > Wireless. Hold down option while choosing the radio mode. Yes, holding down the option key magically gives you settings you didn't know you had.

Here you can choose an option that is not 802.11n compatible. I chose 802.11b/g and it worked great.


With my Mac's 'Airport' and 'Internet Sharing' turned on, my boyfriend can connect to wifi from the Mac to his iPhone but my S2 refuses to connect. Once I turn on wifi on the S2, under 'Wi-Fi networks' it brings up my computer and my neighbours' wifi networks. I click on my computer's name, type in the password, but then it just cycles from 'Scanning...', 'Connecting..' to 'Disconnected'.

My android galaxy says cant access internet My galaxy s2 wont connect internet Samsung galaxy s2 can get wi fi but not not network data Cannot connect to wifi ...




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