Why won't my Samsung galaxy s2 connect to my wifi


been trying to find out what the issue to this is with no luck. My SGS2

doesn't have any problems connecting to other networks

I've just bought my first Samsung Galaxy S2 and love it to bits. ... days I've had

it is that it won't connect via wifi to my home computer (a Mac).

I connect my Wi-Fi at home but whenever I try to get access to my ... How

can I change the Google account on my Samsung Galaxy S2?

just got a samsung galaxy s2 great phone but cannot connect to home network

via ... router, i can see the network but if wont connect. i can connect the my. ...

well i thought is was sorted, i now have a good wifi connection ...

Samsung s2 wont connect to my home wifi without me entering email ... My

samsung galaxy s2 says it is connected to my home wifi but doesnt allow me to

use ...Wi-fi wont work on my Galaxy S2


    I have read two other threads on this forum but I think my problem is kind of different. The problems faced by other users could be rectified by restarting the phone. Mine kind of seems permanent WiFi failure. Just praying it has something to do with the software more than the hardware.

If you have tried doing all the things above and were still not able to sort out the problem then the only thing left to do is go to service center. I had to get my motherboard replaced. It set me back by 10Gs.

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