multimedia wont send when wifi is on samsung galaxy s2

Cannot send or receive MMS

Before this morning, every time I would try to send a picture in a text message it ... My phone is currently connected via wifi, but I also have packet data .... still won't send, I'm no longer getting the error messages at the bottom.

[SGS II] Can't recieve picture messaging MMS

Set phone to WIFI only???

Problems with MMS

problem sendin pic messages

Can't send MMS Galaxy S2

When I compose a MMS, it just sits there with "Sending" underneath it. Here is my APN settings. ... Samsung Galaxy S Series ... Samsung galaxy S2 · send MMS ...

Can neither send nor receive MMS

MMS problems and 3G problems

Samsung Galaxy S 2 can't send or receive MMS

Samsung Galaxy S - Issues sending/receiving MMS?


Solution for those who cant send MMS over wifi on ICS update


Solution for those who cant send MMS over wifi on ICS update T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II ... being able to send or receive MMS over wifi after the ICS update. .... however, mine won't even switch to 4g to send/receive mms ...

samsung galaxy s2 will not receive or send mms tex...


samsung galaxy s2 will not receive or send mms tex. ..... if you have wi-fi access, download the giffgaffAPN app from the Android ...

MMS wont send with wifi enabled


If Im using wifi and need to send a picture via mms, I have to disable wifi before it will send. If I send it before I disable wifi, it wont send and I ...

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II 4g not sending mms

MMS over wi-fi? Samsung says it's not possible. - Page 2

So, uh, this phone apparently cant send MMS.

Can't send pictures from galaxy s2


Galaxy s2 wont download mms.


Have an s2 with telstra. Sometimes when people send me pictures it just gives the option to click download. But when I click it, it fails. And wont ...

MMS problems


Samsung Galaxy S2 will not send or receive mms. When I try to send an mms it says "Currently unable to download. ... I tried everything I read without any luck until I came across something that told me to turn my wifi off.

Why won't my Samsung Galaxy S2 send pictures messages?


I'm trying to send a picture message to someone and it has worked ... (APN) and make sure that your network's MMS configuration exists.

Problem sending MMS/Picture messages


More discussions in Samsung Galaxy NexusWhere is place located? ... I'm also having a problem sending MMS messages. ... problem, and the only way I know to fix it is to turn off wifi and switch to CDMA only. You can then download the messages that won't download and send the ones that won't send.

Samsung Galaxy S II HELP !!!!!


Samsung Galaxy S II HELP ! ... I can't send picture messages ? ... I did had the wifi off . when I try to send a picture it said sending but it never ... I'll mentally try to add APN to the list I keep in my head of "Why won't MMS work" ...

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