I can not figure out how to get rid of that icon. I am sure someone on the forums has dealt with this. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk.

My samsung galaxy s2 has a virus that keeps giving me pop ups? please tell me how i can get rid of it? i went onto a sketchy website

For those of you who want to get rid of that yellow triangle on boot, you can ... You

can download the app on XDA. ... Sign up for our Galaxy S2 Root Newsletter

here so you don't miss a single tip and get personal help via e-mail! .... It is most

likely the hardware manufacturers like Samsung who did it on the ...

Will post if the button combo reset works or Samsung gives me ... Did the button

reset for one of my phones to get rid of the fake ... Sign in online. ..... i just bought

the s3 not too long ago but since yesterday

How do i get rid of download symbol on samsung galaxy? How to get rid of the download try again soon off the screen of my sansung gaxllay y

U swipe down from the top of the homepage and select clear data or whatever.
Menu - notifications- open the download details and then it will remove it from the top of the screen.

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